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Experience More Health & Vitality without using drugs or chemicals!

Revolutionary Energy therapy through acupuncture points without needles.

This is a researched, tested and proven revolutionary new technology that would help you relieve pain, get a night of deep, restful sleep, give you increased energy all day, give you more mental clarity, relieve sinus and cold symptoms, and help you lose weight, all without drugs or chemicals going into the body. 

Watch the explanation of Dr. Atul Gupta, MD, in the video.

What Makes Us Different?

Our products are designed to promote a better life without the use of drugs or chemicals.

The EMRO Quantum discs not only eliminate the symptoms you suffer from in a few minutes but also eliminate the cause of your symptoms at the energy level.
As you become more familiar with our products and technology, you will see how great our products are and how robust the demand can be.

Why chose the EMRO Quantum products?

No drugs or

No side

Non-invasive &

No-risk of addiction
or overdose

No contraindication with
other medications

Provides fast and long
lasting results

Can be used at any
age - young or old

Eliminates causes & symptoms of energetic disharmony

Inexpensive & easy to
access and use

Premium, cutting-edge health technology  Affordable, for everyone.

Quantum Holographic Discs are non-transdermal, meaning nothing passes through the skin (no chemicals or anything else enters the body). Because the formulas are quantum energies, the body will only accept what needs to become balanced, meaning you cannot overdose. Therefore, Quantum products are 100% safe for all ages when used as directed. There are no drugs involved, so there are no drug interactions, no contraindications, and no adverse side effects! 
Safe for men, women, children, and the elderly, regardless of what medications they may be on.


Our methodology, technology, and formulas are protected as a trade secret.

EMRO Quantum has developed new and exciting products that will do that and more. Our products use a new technology based on the 5,000-year-old science of acupuncture and Quantum Physics theory of Quantum Energies never before developed. Studies at major universities and independent labs have proven the product’s effectiveness with randomized, double-blind, placebo, and controlled clinical trials published in peer-review medical journals.

We continuously strive to create great products that are safe for your family, your health, and the environment. We are so confident you will love our products and services. Whether you are a current customer interested in a new product or a new customer interested in what we have to offer, this is a great way first to experience what has made EMRO Quantum the #1 brand for over the past year.

Each disc is infused with a unique formula. Think of these formulas like the ingredients in various pills. There are distinct formulas for sleep for reducing pain, sinus allergy relief, energy boost, mental alertness, and so on. People do not take the same pill to assist with rest as they would for mental alertness. Similarly, each different disc, with its unique formula for the desired effect, is placed at the appropriate place on the body to produce that result. Different discs are used in different locations to produce different results. Simple!

We change people's health,
one disc at a time.





Energy for a vibrant health

Our discs are non-transdermal, meaning nothing passes through the skin (no chemicals or anything else enters the body). There are no drugs involved, so that means no drug interactions, no contraindications, no negative side effects! Safe for men, women, children and the elderly, regardless of what medications they may be on.



Every one, every time, everywhere.

The quantum energies that are stored in the disc work with the body’s natural energy flow to bring your body back to its optimal functioning state.

Essentially, the disc is bringing the body back into a state of balance, or homeostasis.

Download the EMRO acupuncture guide to learn about the 170 health conditions that can be addressed with the Quantum Performance disc.


Physical balance and mental clarity, stamina & endurance

Our products take a holistic approach, in mind, body and soul. Whatever the ailment, we have a convenient solution for you.


Eliminate blockages in the acupuncture meridians

The EMRO process takes place based on the science of the Meridian System (our body’s energy flow), combined with a concept in physics called entrainment. This simply means that the quantum energy formulas in a disc, when placed at the proper position on the body, will interact with our body’s energy and balance our energy flow, allowing our body to restore its proper, ideal function and relief discomfort and other symptoms.

benefits of the EMRO products