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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Welcome to the EMRO LLC (the “Company”) website.

Though it is very rare, if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, he Company wants to know about it. The Company stands behind its products.

The Company guarantees the quality of everything its sells. If you believe your purchase does not match the Company’s description of its products, exchange it for another product or return the unused portion for a 90% refund (there is a 10% restocking fee). The original shipping and handling charges are non-refundable. This refund offer is void if more than 50% of the product has been used, as determined by the Company. All returns must be authorized by the Company in writing prior to returning the item(s) for a refund or exchange.

To qualify for the 90% money-back guarantee, you have to email [email protected] to request that. You must do that in a maximum of ten (10) days from when you have received the products. For example, if you received your EMRO product on the 9th of the month, and you realize that you want to request the 90% money-back, you have to email [email protected] no later than the 19th of the same month with your request.

Return the unused portion of your item(s) (with packaging) within seven (7) days from the date you have received your authorization from the Company for refund. You are responsible to cover any shipping costs incurred to ship the item(s) back to our facility. The Company asks that you include a short note explaining why you were not completely satisfied with your purchase. It is mandatory to include the purchase order number, as this is equivalent to your sales receipt.

Customer Service:

Email: [email protected]
US Phone: +1-888-678-8828

Refund Instructions:

You will be advised by customer service of the return address and be provided a return merchandise authorization(“RMA”) number. Please do not ship products without an RMA number. Refunds may be settled using the same payment method used to pay for the original purchase. All refunds and exchanges are performed on the 1st and the 15th of each month with no exceptions, in less than 14 days from the time the products were received in the warehouse.

If the product is damaged, defected or undelivered

If the product is damaged, defective, or you are missing products from your order, you are responsible to contact the Company within three (3) business days from the day you have received your order. The Company will issue a call tag for the product and send a replacement. Please do not discard any product and/or packaging from the shipment unless otherwise instructed by customer service in writing. The Company will inspect the undesirable product upon receipt.

We do not refund money for products purchased at the promotional/discounted price.

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